Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Newborn Suggestions

Despite my two months of experience I don't feel qualified to give "tips" on childcare. However, I can offer some suggestions that may be helpful. I have also found many of these on-line, so it can be thought of as my support for ideas that worked for other families.

A Noise Louder than No Other

I have found that no other noise (not even the $50 noise machine Brian bought) quiets Aidan down like the hairdryer. When he has had a really fussy day I turn the hairdryer on to the "cool shot" and it quiets him almost instantly. I use the "cool shot" button because somehow I feel that it is less likely to catch on fire that way (most likely wrong, but I would have to ask my engineer husband about the mechanics of that one). I never leave him alone in a room with it, and I don't put it near him (I also usually put it on the hard wood, as that would be less likely to catch fire, haha). Again I don't really think it would catch fire, but as a paranoid new mother I don't want to take the chance. As one of the girls in my Sunday School class stated, I must of dried my hair a lot when I was pregnant. Actually I did! I worked every day then and would do my hair almost every morning. It is surprising to me now, as if I wash and dry my hair twice a week I feel quite glamorous! Anyway to get back to my point, Aidan loves the sound, but it won't work forever, and I try not to over use it for fear he might get bored with the sound and it won't work anymore.

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